Thatched Gazebo

Roofing Products

We use cape reed tiles, made from best quality cape thatching reed, as an alternative to traditional thatching. Natural reed tiles have been expertly woven and bound together. This time proven process not only produces an authentic roof that looks great, but most importantly it provides a waterproof surface that will last for 7-10 years and requires no maintenance. Cape reed tiles are versatile, quick and easily installed without specialist knowledge.

Whilst all Beach Hut products are built to the highest standards and come with a comprehensive guarantee, thatched roof tiles will weather over time - see below (right picture are weathered tiles)

Reed Tiles

Reed tiles will last for a period of 7 to 10 years and will require no maintenance. If necessary, replacement tiles and top cones can be purchased individually for self installation.

Caring for the Environment
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African Thatched Gazebo from Garden Adventure. Established in 2001
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